How to Maintain an Erection

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Possibly the biggest erectile dysfunction problem is the inability to maintain an erection. Otherwise known as impotence, if you are unable to maintain an erection there are a number of causes for this:

  • Physical causes
  • Mental/psychological causes

If there are physical problems resulting in difficulty in maintaining an erection then options for this include surgery and products such as penis pumps.

Whilst some patients see results from these procedures and products, most men are not too keen on having their penis operated on or using foreign objects to enhance sexual activity.

Relationships can be put under heavy strain when a man has an inability to maintain an erection. Sexual health between couples does in fact rest heavily upon the males ability to have a hard penis for a sufficient amount of time so as both people are sexually satisfied. When this does not occur, erectile dysfunction is diagnosed.

It is possible to get harder erections through the use of herbal cures and remedies. Whilst prescription drugs can and do help with impotence and other sexual issues, most of them have some drastic side effects and many men find that they prefer not to be taking strong medications.

Not only can some herbal remedies simply allow you to achieve an erection, they can also assist you to maintain erection after orgasm; something most men can not do. You really can meet your orgasmic potential and maintain a hard erection AFTER you have ejaculated once you are relaxed and in the right frame of mind. A second orgasm is often BETTER than the first, as many multiorgasmic men have noted!

That’s where herbal cures come in. Whilst prescription medications focus solely on physically helping the penis to grow hard, herbal remedies additionally lower your stress levels and clear your head – something that is absolutely vital if you want to maintain an erection longer or even get one at all.

Tips on maintaining an erection

  • Talk to your partner: Often your nervousness is a big erectile dysfunction cause. Having an open and honest relationship can do wonders for your erections.
  • Relax: Tensing up will NOT help you achieve an erection. You need to put all fear of failure out of your mind and simply focus on enjoying the moment.
  • Eat well: This might sound silly, but what you eat CAN affect your sexual performance. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables for good health, energy and essential vitamins.
  • Talk to a sexual therapist: Although this is a huge step, a sex therapist can in fact find out exactly what is causing your trouble maintaining an erection and can offer various solutions.

Impotence Cures and Solutions

There are so many impotence products on the market today that it is mind boggling and confusing as to which one you should buy.
This website only reviews quality, proven products so view our other articles for additional natural cures and herbal remedies advice and recommendations.

What is the best treatment to help impotence?

Well there are two ways you can go. Personally I like to go both ways. That is, a combination of physical and mental “training” as well as a quality herbal formula. With this combination I don’t see how you WONT have a dramatic improvement in your sexual performance and erections.

For the penis to get and maintain an erection, blood must reach the area. If this doesn’t happen, impotence occurs. Many times this is purely a mental issue in that you are scared to fail or simply not turned on enough.

Problems maintaining an erection can be treated by including a large amount of foreplay in the sexual experience. This way you are under no pressure to keep a hard penis, but rather just to enjoy the experience. With enough relaxation your penis will become erect.

Combined with a herbal formula such as Kama Raja which will relax you and provide mental clarity, sexual experiences and erections will improve.

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