Herbal Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem for males. It is considered a serious problem when PE occurs more often than not and when one or both sexual partners are not satisfied with sex. Herbal remedies for premature ejaculation are becoming more popular as men turn against other painless and often dangerous treatments.

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Indian ayurvedic remedy products are extremely effective and are becoming more widely used as people hear about their benefits. Impotence can be treated with a herbal remedy as can premature ejaculation and other sex issues.

Some common causes of rapid ejaculation include depression, anxiety, fear of failure, stress, relationship issues and negative past sexual experiences.

Remedies which are often recommended by doctors include:

  • Surgery (often causing pain and discomfort)
  • Anesthetic gel (can numb you and your partner)
  • Long love condoms
  • Penis pumps and other intrusive devices
  • SSRI antidepressants (many side effects)

It is little wonder that men are now turning to herbal and natural remedies for premature ejaculation. There are no side effects when you take all natural ingredients and word on the street (and on the internet!) is that many men the world over are seeing positive results from a few different products.

One of the main natural ingredients which assists in stopping premature ejaculation is Ashwagandha, an Indian herbal remedy ingredient.

The Kama Sutra recommends Ashwagandha as a means of increasing sexual pleasure. It is a potent aphrodisiac and can restore sex drive and endurance. Ashwagandha relaxes the body, allowing blood to flow more freely during sexual arousal. This is obviously a huge benefit to premature ejaculation sufferers. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and impotence are some of the problems that Ashwagandha has been used to treat for thousands of years.

Whilst many sexual enhancement products contain Ashwagandha, it is often the mixture of other ingredients which determine whether it will be effective in treating rapid ejaculation.

One of the better PE products is Kama Raja. Along with ejaculation control, Kama Raja also intensifies orgasms, increases sex drive and hardens the erection.

Kama Raja contains Ashwagandha as an ingredient along with other ancient Indian ayurvedic herbs such as Dhanvantari Nighantu, Madanpal Nighantu, Raj Nighantu, Keyadeva Nighantu, Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Rajavallabh Nighantu and Nighantu Sangraha.

Kama Raja is a natural ancient ayurvedic remedy consisting of a safe blend of natural herbs and herbal extracts which can elevate testosterone levels, release growth hormones, increase blood flow, heighten libido and reduces stress which minimizes and eventually stops premature ejaculation occurrences. It is considered one of the best ayurvedic herbs for erectile dysfunction and rapid ejaculation.

You can also purchase supplements which contain only Ashwagandha as the active ingredient such as NOW Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha is able to enhance endurance (great for PE), boost energy and immune system functions, improve testosterone levels and optimize your hormone profiles.

Herbal Remedies vs Other Treatments

Herbal products which treat premature ejaculation are an excellent alternative to prescription drugs or surgery, due to the lack of side effects (side effects are extremely rare with natural supplements). Surgery can be invasive, uncomfortable and embarrassing. Prescription medication often has nasty side effects and is usually hideously expensive.

Herbal remedies can treat impotence, PE, sexual stress and a variety of other male and female sexual problems. Herbal formulas are tried and tested over many thousands of years; much longer than any prescription medication available today. Ayurvedic herbs have been known to reduce stress and increase the libido.

Natural treatments and alternative medicines are affordable and best of all, don’t require a prescription. You should however check with your doctor before taking any herbal supplement.

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